Cafe & Restaurant

Paulaner Brauhaus. AV systems

This restaurant-brewery is famous for its festival atmosphere, live music and fresh unfiltered beer.


The problem was to design, build and install audio and visual systems for 2 floors of the restaurant and dance floor.

About project

«AudioVisualSystems» installed TV panels with turn on and off through all the of the restaurant from one point, stage lights, audio and video systems with the opportunity of broadcast in real-time on the TV panels of the second floor and even in the hotel rooms as a separate HD channel.


The project included: 
2 floors of the restaurant

Key equipment we used: high-quality Bose background sound and volume control on both floors with remote wall panels; Dynacord stage sound allows to achieve a sound pressure of 118 dB on the dance floor, 107 dB at the opposite walls of the room, which is a very good indicator for the restaurant; reliable stage light Martin Light new series RUSH; Allen-Heath qu-16 digital mixer and two monitoring lines.

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