Yeltsin Center. Incredibly huge projections

It is the unique cultural object. The museum of the First President of Russia, an educational center, a library, a children’s center, an event space, a conference hall, restaurants and variety of shops.


The problem was to install the world’s largest stationary diorama, prepare the background sound of the atrium and gallery, mobile stage, as well as technological video surveillance, sound amplification and switching systems.

About project

Work on the project began in 2011. Within the Yeltsin Center project, several zones were allocated, each of which differs not only in functionality but also in aesthetic characteristics and technical requirements. The company «AudioVideoSystems» has equipped the so-called Atrium (large open space) and galleries.


In the Atrium, a unique installation was created — the world’s largest stationary diorama: the image obtained by crosslinking the image of 30 projectors is projected onto a curved surface of 61.2 x 9.7 m. 3D-mapping effects (the illusion of changing the object on which the projection is made) complemented video series. Video is accompanied with sound: L-Acoustics loud sound system for events and Bose acoustics to create a permanent background music and broadcast speech announcements on 1-3 floors.

A mobile stage with a full set of necessary sound and light equipment, including an equipped place for sound and light operator, is provided for cultural and festive events.

In the gallery of temporary exhibitions on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the center, we installed a separate background sound system and 12 professional displays of different diagonals to demonstrate the video materials that are part of the exhibition. For presentations and lectures, a set of projection equipment is installed, also there are microphones for speakers.


The project included: 
large open space, galleries on two floors

Key equipment we used: 5 Panasonic PT-DS20KE projectors with ET-D75LE6 lenses (the maximum physical resolution of the projection on the media screen is 7220×1050 pixels. Each of the video projectors provides a luminous flux of 20000lm), built-in speakers Bose FreeSpace DS 40F, Bose PowerMatch PM8500N amplifiers, Panasonic WV-SC588 rotary IP-cameras, L-Acoustics LA8 and LA4x power amplifier controllers (allow to control polarity, latency and audio level), 6 groups of speakers, consisting of a linear array of 4 L-Acoustics ARCS II and 4 subwoofers SB18m W, 12 speaker systems L-Acoustics ARCS Wide, Yamaha CL3 digital mixing console, the monitor sound on stage is made on the basis of the L-Acoustics (4x Kara elements and a low frequency link of 4 SB18, LA4X and LA8 power amplifiers), Martin staged lighting system with light control panel Martin M2GO, DANTE switching system.

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